Birdwell Community Association Beginnings

  • 16th March 1932 the national “Miners welfare Fund” purchased a parcel of land in Birdwell for  500 from the Wentworth Estate for the “Purposes connected with the social well-being, recreation and conditions of living of workers in or about coal mines” area (5-1/2 acres) to be laid out as a recreation ground.

  • 30th December 1935 the Trustees of the “Miners Welfare Fund” with approval of the “Board of Charity Commissioners for England & Wales” transferred the recreation ground to the “Council for the Urban District of Worsborough” who agreed “in perpetuity” to maintain the recreation ground and inherited premises.

  • 1949 “Birdwell Community Association” is formed, it uses the recreation ground pavilion as its meeting room.

  • 1950 A Ladies section is formed.

  • 1953 “The Worsborough Urban District Council” permits the “Community Association” to erect a temporary building, adjoining the pavilion for use as a Community Hall. The District Council also agrees to lease the pavilion, the land the Community Hall sits on, plus the football pitch, cricket pitch and the 2 tennis courts to the “Association” for an annual ground rent of  83. The Association also accepts responsibility for the payment of “water rates, gas and electric charges”. The council in turn agrees to partly equip the Pavilion and Community Hall for purposes under the “Physical training and Recreation Act of 1937” The lease is to be renewed annually until terminated by either party at 6 months’ written notice.

  • 1963 An application is made by the “Association” to “lease and develop land” at the recreation ground in order to erect a permanent “Community Hall”. The building, an off the shelf community hall design, is supplied and erected by REMA of Chesterfield the following year at a cost of  8764. The land lease per annum is set at  1. The Community Association also becomes a registered charity.

  • 1993 The Association relinquishes all responsibility for the recreation ground and its facilities.

  • 2021 Birdwell Community Centre is taken over by a group of local volunteers with the intention of utilising the centre for the community.